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11am, Thursday 21st December


Finch Swim Summer 2016 has arrived

Finch Swim lives and breathes Australian summer: days by the ocean and pool, tropical rains breaking the heat and trying every new café in town.

Our lifestyle is the heartbeat of every style we create – there’s a pocket of the Gold Coast that’s laid back and casual, and we want to enjoy every moment in comfort. So, when you need swimwear that is beautiful, and without the pretense, you’re in good hands.

We love our swimwear and work relentlessly to achieve styles that look, fit and wear up to the standards Australians demand. Linda, our founder, works with a close-knit team to design each collection and garment.  Creating swimwear that can be loved for years, not just one season gets us in trouble sometimes, but we know it’s worth it! 
For each range we look for inspiration from all over the globe; this year bringing natural tones and texture to life; sporty silhouettes with a range of fits; and injections of romance and femininity.
Finch Swim is about embracing what living in Queensland is like, rather than a particular type of person. Anyone who loves our garments is the right person to wear them.