Leilani D-E Cup Triangle Bikini Top – Finch Swimwear

Leilani D-E Cup Triangle Bikini Top

$66.00 AUD

Large fitting and triangle tops used to mean sizing up. Not any more.

With more fabric in the cups for a full to large bust, you'll won't have to sacrifice the look you want for practicality.

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  • Hi there , I have a query re sizing . I bought a Leylani key hole bralette top a few months ago . I have not worn it as It is way to skimpy for me and does not give me any support. It was a size 12. As most of that range has sold out by now I was wondering if I went with the bikini top D/E cup would that be a better option ? The only sizes left in this fit are 10 or 14 Would a 10 be too small or a 14 too big ?

    Ok, so there's a couple of things to consider; firstly, without knowing your cup size, there's the question of whether you're looking for more support and more coverage, or both; secondly is the 12 the correct size for you apart from the support you mentioned?

    The D/E triangle gets it's support from being a halter style - by drawing your bust in as well as up it moves the bust from it's 'resting' position. This is the same in any triangle halter. The D/E triange has more fabric through the cup which keeps it from getting too skimpy when worn by people with larger cup sizes.

    So it could definately be a more supportive option, but it would also have more coverage. If you're smaller than a D cup I'd suggest sizing down to the 10.

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