the PARADISOS collection | inspiration trends and more
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the PARADISOS collection | inspiration trends and more

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2018 is a year we've LOVE

When our team came together to create our latest collection we had two goals; to go back to our roots and to keep the styles classic.

Behind the scenes creating the 2018 swimwear collection

What are our Finch Swim's roots? That's easy, being based on the Gold Coast, not far from the iconic and beautiful Burleigh Heads beach, we are inspired to make swimwear that embodies the laid-back lifestyle of our surroundings. Swimwear that's fresh, feminine, flattering & embraces the Summer spirit. So, when designing this new collection the styles we wanted to create needed to be a match between style and function that also translates to this way of life. 

Thinking about and designing styles is only one part of the process for us. Our next step was to innovate our favourite beach classics with new choices of fabrics, hardware accessories, and a fresh selection of colours and prints. We find doing these all together is the most organic way, as each part can play off and inspire the other. As an example, our Chantik print was a team highlight, though until we brought the cream and tan beads out from our inspo cupboard, we hadn't settled on the styling. With the print design and beads together, however, a bralette, bandeau, triangles and more styles took shape.

Behind the scenes making the 2018 swimwear collection As we developed each style, and played with different fabrics and prints, distinct trends could be seen. Natural colours felt so fresh, with reds and burnt spices joining last years' earth tones. Keeping our focus on beach basics resonates so well with the the huge 90's resurgence we're seeing in fashion right now. Plus having sporty undertones is perfect for Finch girls heading to the beach - all function and no fuss here! 

Finishing up the creation process meant choosing whether to offer our new styles as sets or as separately, and which of our makers would best bring our designs to life and customer hands. The benefits of close communication and creative input found with our local makers steered us to making over 90% of the collection in Australia. And as with previous years, we couldn't deny that offering our styles separately is what serves our customers best. Choosing your own style and size is important to all of us.

Now, as we release this year's collection online and in select stores we can't contain our excitement. Please keep checking back here as we introduce our new styles and all your favourites in some stunning prints and amazingly fresh colours.

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