Style Spotlight | The D-DD Underwire Bralette
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Style Spotlight | The D-DD Underwire Bralette

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If I could recommend one top above all others for a full bust, the D-DD Bralette ticks all the boxes.

Bralettes are a perfect choice of bikini top for the beach. Their simple triangle-based shape complements the natural line of the bust, yet unlike a classic Tri, they have the added stability of being attached to a band.

So how did this evolve to cater for a bigger bust? In a word, support.

D-DD Bralette for Summer 2018

Hence the creation of our D-DD Cup Bralette.

  • Featuring a Half Underwire, this gives the illusion of being a Tri top but with bra-like support.
  • Wider 13mm soft elastic straps, over the shoulder to prevent digging in and causing discomfort over the day. They can also be detached and crossed at the back for an active look, or tied at the neck like a traditional Tri top… Oh so versatile!
  • Raised the underarm sides and lined the lower cups with power-mesh, a specialised fabric that helps to hold, support and control, to achieve lift in the right areas. 
  • By including a seam in the design of the bra to allow extra fabric in the cup, which means more room and comfort for you.

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    Hayley in KOT231D Palm