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We can hear the tropics calling our name! The Inca collection is inspired by so many things, but mostly the intricate patterns created by ethnic tribes all over the world. While tracing its heritage in no way specifically, there’s clear glimpses of traditional stamp printing, tie-dye, and woven textures within this gorgeous printed Lycra.

Starting again with the tones (it’s always about the tone if you ask us!) everything is drawn from nature’s pallet of tan, sand, black, white and burgundy. This of course means it’s crazy flattering next to your skin! In developing the Inca print, we started with swimwear classics, black and white, for the pop and the contrast they provide, then added tan to bring in the earthy warmth we’ve been vibing this year. Next was sand to add a high light shade, and burgundy for richness. The mix of these colours with black and white creates warmth in each garment, without being so overpowering that cooler skin tones have nothing to work with.

Side shot of Inca Plunge Onepiece

The fabric chosen for Inca has a strong base knit with a super-soft finish, because we want our swimwear to feel luxurious and keep its shape. Making sure the knit is strong can often be overlooked. We make the base fabric a priority as we want to offer the best swimwear possible. And in our minds, that means swimwear that stays looking as gorgeous as the day you bought it. Granted, this does also depend on how each swimsuit is looked after once it’s home with you, but we’re writing a post right now to help you get the best out of your Finch bikini.

Tiffany in the line up at Burleigh Heads

The print itself is gorgeous and crazy flattering. I’m not kidding, we’ve made every single person who’s visited our office try something on and it is a WINNER. In small pieces, it has life and dynamic interest. In larger pieces, the lack of distinct straight lines results in a smooth silhouette on your body. Case and point is the Plunge Onepiece, it seems like a style where only the body perfect need apply, but it is just not the case! With no ‘edge’ to draw the eye, your mind sees subtly defined lines. Please expect the whole Finch team to sport this print in our private lives!


The Inca D Bralette and Plunge Onepiece - Two of our favourite stylesSpeaking of styles, can I again sing the praises of the Plunge Onepiece and add in the D/DD bralette. We are in love with this new onepiece, which is basically why there’s a billion photos of it already! Starting with the neckline, it’s defined but not low enough for anything to slide out (if you know what I mean). The arms are not too low allowing for some supporting coverage at the sides. The back has a stunning scooped shape supported by crossed and tied straps. Whether you’re relaxing or planning an action-packed day, this strap arrangement is both comfortable and practical.  The D bralette is a style we created in our most recent collection, however this year it’s really come into its own as the perfect fashion/support/practical choice for our fuller bust customers. We love it for the gentle underwire support, raised side panels and internal support lining  - no bulky padding!

I feel like I’ve only cracked the surface in telling you all the things our Inca collection has to offer. While I plan to write more as summer approaches, please don’t hesitate to email us directly with your questions! We love hearing them, and I’m always happy to chat about our team's creations.

August 05, 2017 by Claire Tanner-Johnstone
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