The 2017 Summer Trend Report


Summer is JUST around the corner and we still have SO MUCH to share with you.

The only way I can share our secrets is to highlight the biggest trends coming our way for Summer… which may include a few snaps of things yet to be released… read on for a sneak peak!

Seduce in the perfect aqua blue - Waterfall


Trend number 1. 90’s styling

Styles this year have a BIG 90’s influence, but I’m not just talking about skimpy bikini pants*. Clean, and athletic lines are the key interpretation of this trend. Think classic shapes: tank onepieces, triangle tops and underwires. There is a clear demand for form and function.


Trend blog - 90s

Trend number 2. Natural Tones and colours

The time is here for fashion to match you! No need to change to fit a look, this year’s pallet/colour wheel pulls directly from nature – which makes it crazy flattering. You can read more about is in our French Connection blog here, but there’s two big interpretations of this trend. The first is the tones of the earth it’s self; taupe, latte, cocoa, sepia, spice, red.

Trend Blog - Natural Tones Earth


The second interpretation (which are often the skins undertones) are colours found in the natural world; greens, blues,  and yellows.

Trend Blog - Natural Tones Blues


All natural, all gorgeous.


Trend number 3. Injections of romance and femininity

No love ballads and bubblegum tones. This year sees colours like blush pink and indigo, as well as soft floral prints and a touch of lace, mixed with active styling. This is femininity for the modern times.

Examples of this trend are also a delicious mix of the previous two trends; clean 90’s shapes and natural tones. However, there’s a clear break that lend a romantic and feminine vibe.

Trend Blog - Romance and Femininity


    Overall this year’s trends are an amazing combination for a Summer by the beach. The colour pallet is flattering (no neon brights here) and the styles emphasise a simple and clean silhouette rather than an ideal body type.


    That means it’s time to make swimwear your own!

    Remember, the most important thing when you’re shopping for swimwear is it makes you smile.


    *skimpy bums are a HUGE 90’s throw-back, which we’re totally down for rn, but are not the only interpretation of the era.

    Hit those natural tones in Cocoa Seduce!